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My Story

From a young age Shulamit was passionate about art.  
At the age of 24 she studied in the prestigious Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

Shulamit continued her education, studying at the Slade school in London and in the prominent Jerusalem Studio school under the watching eye of Israel Hershberg one of the leading and most admired painters and teachers in Israel. 

For many years, Shulamit is dedicated to her art,  devoting her full attention and energies as a flourishing painter and an esteemed teacher for young and adults aspiring painters.

She divides her time between the beautiful city of Jerusalem and her childhood landscapes – Kibbutz Beit Ha Emek in Western Galilee.

The unique atmosphere that combines quiet and simplistic life with one of the most stunning country sides of Israel allows Shulamit to master her art.
It enables her to create a deeper and more complete body of works, where her observing eye is tuned more than ever with her expressing hands.

Shulamit Near – Curriculum Vitae

Born in Kibbutz Beit HaEmek, Western Galilee, Israel. Lived and painted in Jerusalem for thirty years; currently lives and works in Beit HaEmek, teaches in Jerusalem.


1998-2002 – The Jerusalem Studio School, Israel, founded by Israel Hershberg.

1998 – Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London, UK.

1985 – 1989 -Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

Professional Experience

2015 – Present – Founder and curator of “Artist Wall”, exhibits by local artists in Beit HaEmek.

2013 – Present – Founded “House of Painting – Shulamit Near” in Beit HaEmek, where she teaches.

2004 – Present – Teaching painting and drawing in Hacubia Art School and Contemporary Art Gallery and Beit Yehudit Community Centre, Jerusalem.

2000/1 – Director of the Master Class Day Program at the Jerusalem Studio School.

1998, 2000/1- Curator of exhibitions at the Jerusalem Studio School.

Solo Exhibitions

2018/19 – “Views”, Ibdaa Art Gallery, Kafr Yasif.  Curator: Eliya Beany; Curatorial Consultant and Text: Dr. Shahar Marnin-Distelfeld.

2017 – “Sparkles of Light”, Beit Hecht, Haifa. Curator: Daniella Talmor.

2017 – “Following the Light”, Hacubia, Jerusalem. Curator: Tehila Shemesh, Director of Hacubia.

2009 – “All Around You”, Al Dente Restaurant Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Tami Bezaleli Shohet.

Duo Exhibitions

2008/09 – “The Land and its People”, Shulamit Near and Ahmad Canaan, The Mormon University Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Naomi Weinstein.

2007 – “Fantastic Vision”, Shulamit Near and Yosi Galanti, Venta Gallery, HaZira Interdisciplinary Arena, Jerusalem.  Curator: Yonatan Amir.

2004 – “Shulamit Near & Uri Blayer – Landscapes and Portraits”, Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Linda Stern Zisquit.

2009 – “All Around You”, Al Dente Restaurant Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Tami Bezaleli Shohet.

Group Exhibitions

2015, 2017, 2020 – “Salon of Painting”, Hacubia, Jerusalem. Curators: Dan Ormian, Ella Cohen Vansover

2020 –  “On Paper”, ND Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ramat Gan. Curator: Ronit Roth Haddad.

2018 – “Closeup”, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Etti Chechover.

2009 – “Jerusalem in the Mirror of Generations”  Jerusalem City Gallery. Curator: Dr. Ziva Geva-Levin.

2008 – “New Members”, The Artists House, Jerusalem. Curators: Shai Azoulay, Marcelo Lauber.

2008 – “The Portrait”, paintings from the TV show (2008-2012),  ZOA House, Tel Aviv.  Curator: Shulie Ziv.

2007 – “Teachers’ Group Exhibition”, Jerusalem Centre for the Arts. Curator: Elizabeth Dor.

Special Projects

2009-2014 – “Jerusalem Afternoon”, a series of paintings around a recurring image in different versions and varying dimensions.


Shulamit’s paintings can be found in many private collections in Israel and abroad, including:

Marion and Guy Naggar Collection, London.

Joan Bakewell Collection, London.

Freda and Izzak Uziel Collection, London.

Naschitz Brandes Collection, Tel Aviv/New York.

Noemy Baruch Collection, Costa Rica.

Levin Collection, Jerusalem.

Scholarships and Awards

2002, 2003 – The International School of Art, Umbria, Italy; summer scholarship.

2002 – The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Israel; artist’s award for painting.

1999, 2002 – The Jerusalem Studio School; study scholarships.

1998, 2000, 2001 – Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA; summer scholarships.